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Vincent A. Stennett, President/C.E.O.

Mr. Stennett is President of Environmental Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS) and has nearly twenty (25) years of environmental/health and safety experience. Mr. Stennett is a graduate of Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) School of Public and Environmental Affairs with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Indiana University, Kelly School of Business. Mr. Stennett was awarded the State of Indiana’s Industrial Operator of the Year in 2005. Mr. Stennett and has taught many waste water and environmental compliance courses.

Mr. Stennett has vast experience in the environmental compliance arena bring. Areas include: Title V air permitting projects, initial permit negotiations, initial compliance demonstration, compliance management and minor/major Title V permit modifications. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (industrial and construction specific), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans. EPCRA (302, 304, 311, 312 and 313), construction permit negotiations/submittals, NPDES permitting negotiations/submittals and Industrial Pretreatment permit negotiations/ renewals.

Mr. Stennett is responsible for the management/oversight of several wastewater treatment facilities and is a licensed Wastewater Treatment Operator (municipal and industrial) in Indiana (Class C and Class III), Illinois (Class K), California, and Kentucky.

Mr. Stennett has extensive knowledge in waste handling (hazardous, non-hazardous, special/industrial, universal and bio-hazardous) and has performed a wide variety of regulatory liaison duties associated with waste management (including TSDF Audits). Mr. Stennett has conducted hundreds of Phase I property assessments, asbestos/lead inspections and indoor air quality assessments. Mr. Stennett has conducted several sub-surface investigations (Phase II and Phase III) involving, hydrogeological assessments, monitoring well installations/decommissioning, UST installations/decommissioning, natural attenuation assessments, corrective action planning and groundwater flow calculations involving contaminant decay rate and retardation analysis. Mr. Stennett has conducted/managed vegetation analysis projects involving wetland delineations, US EPA Section 401 and 404 permitting/reporting. Mr. Stennett has performed the on-site environmental manager duties for a number of large-scale industrial facilities producing automotive engines, farm implementation equipment (tractors, combines and cotton pickers), hydraulic lifts and automotive parts (bumpers, suspensions, fuel pumps, engines, electronics and etc.) and food industries.

Memberships: Indiana Chapter of Air and Waste Management and the Indiana Industrial Operators Association. Mr. Stennett is on the Board of Directors for the Indiana Industrial Operators Association.

Indiana Class C Wastewater Treatment Operator

Thomas H. Martin is the current Consulting Chemist and previous President of Delta Chemicals & Equipment, Inc. Mr. Martin is an international consulting chemist who assists industry with wastewater and regulatory compliance issues in the areas of electroplating, phosphatizing, anodizing and painting processes. He has over 30 years of wastewater systems design and engineering experience.

Mr. Martin holds Honor Bachelor’s Degrees from both Purdue University and Indiana University . Mr. Martin is the co-founder and past president of the Indiana Industrial Operators Association (IIOA). He is also the past president of the Indiana Society of Hazardous Materials Mangers (ISHMM). Mr. Martin earned professional designations as a Certified Environmental Trainer (CET), certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE), Registered Hazardous Substance Professional (RHSP), Registered Industrial Wastewater Professional (RIWP) and certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) and is also a Certified Electroplater/Finisher (CEF). He holds Industrial Class D and Municipal Class IV Indiana Certified Wastewater Operator Licenses and a commercial pilot license.

Mr. Martin also teaches environmental and OSHA courses at Indiana Vocational Technical College and Purdue School of Engineering Technology at Indianapolis . Mr. Martin was awarded the Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Service for IVY Technical College in 1993. Mr. Martin also was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award from the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology Alumni Association in 2000. He has also co-authored the textbook “Surviving in the Regulatory Arena”.

Mr. Martin has published numerous feature articles in Plating & Surface Finishing Magazine on the areas of cost effective solutions, maximizing system efficiency and regulatory compliance. He is a speaker and presenter at technical conferences throughout the U.S. Mr. Martin has also authored the (RIWP) course and the credential examination at the IIOA conference since 2004.

Indiana Class D Wastewater Treatment Operator

Ms. Martin earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University with High Distinction. Ms. Martin is a co-founder and has served as a past President and Secretary and is the current Business Manager of the Indiana Industrial Operators Association (IIOA). Ms. Martin teaches environmental and OSHA courses at Indiana Vocational Technical College and Purdue Engineering Technology and Purdue Construction Engineering at Indianapolis. She has developed numerous courses in the environmental and safety fields for classroom and online instruction. She was honored by the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology with the Outstanding Associate Faculty of the Year Award at the Indianapolis Campus in 2005. Ms. Martin is also an OSHA Construction Outreach Trainer and has instructed clients on technical environmental and safety information for over 15 years. Ms. Martin holds professional designations as Certified Environmental Compliance Manager (CECM), Certified Electro-Finisher CEF-4, Indiana Society of Hazardous Material Managers (ISHMM), and a Registered Industrial Wastewater Professional (RIWP). She also holds licenses for Industrial Class D and Municipal Class IV as a Indiana Certified Wastewater Operator. She was also awarded Industrial Operator of the Year 1985-1986 from the Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA). Ms. Martin is also the Industrial Liaison and WITtec planning coordinator for the 45 pretreatment Coordinators in Indiana. Ms. Martin serves as the Chairman of OSHA and RCRA/CERCLA committees on the national American Electroplaters & Surface Finishers Society (AESF). She also serves as the current 4th Vice-President and a past President of the Indianapolis branch of the AESF. Ms. Martin has published numerous Health and Safety articles and a feature article in Plating & Surface Finishing Magazine and published a feature article on Process Safety Management in Metal Finishing Magazine. She is also editor of the IIOA Technical Journal and past editor of The Finish Line. She has been a presenter at technical conferences throughout the U.S. for the past 10 years.

Mr. Rosberg is a Senior Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for Environmental Management Solutions, Inc. He earned a Bachelor of Arts and Major concentration in Chemistry and Business at Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana). He has over ten (10) years of environmental, health and safety related project experience. Mr. Rosberg is a certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14001 and a qualified 30-hour and 10-hour OSHA outreach trainer for General Industry.

Mr. Rosberg has generated Storm Water Pollution Plans (industrial/construction specific) and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans. He has also created numerous Industrial General Environmental, Health and Safety Awareness programs and written several Emergency Response Plans. He has created Lock-Out/Tag-Out, Confined Space Entry and Electrical Hazard Programs. He has also prepared applications/permits for air and water discharges including; pretreatment and NPDES permits, SARA Title III Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), Form R and hazardous waste generator status. He has also provided numerous EPA, DOT, OSHA, and ISO 14001 regulatory driven training sessions for industrial personnel. Mr. Rosberg has provided direct oversight responsibility for the operation of permitted industrial waste water treatment systems, E-Coating operations and several other miscellaneous plating operations. He has provided EH&S management for Discharge Monitoring Reporting, Hazardous Waste Reporting, Tier II, Form R Reporting, Storm Water and Wastewater. He has conducted several RCRA inspections, storm water inspections, storm water sampling events, soil/ground-water sampling events, waste stream and waste water sampling events. He holds certifications for RCRA hazardous waste/emergency response, spill prevention and response, DOT transportation of hazardous materials and hazardous waste manifest preparation. He has also assisted with the chemical management of industrial retention ponds. He currently is a substitute Professor at IUPUI and Ivy Tech Community College.

Mr. Rosberg is a licensed Wastewater Treatment Operator in the States of Indiana (Class C and I) and California. Mr. Rosberg is a technical instructor and member of the Indiana Industrial Operators Association (IIOA).

Ms. Sizemore has extensive experience preparing and managing air permit applications for commercial and industrial clients, including preparation and negotiation of air permit applications for both new and existing sources. Prior to coming to EMS Nisha worked for August Mack and Indiana Deppartment of Environmental Management (IDEM). While at IDEM Nisha was Office of Air Quality, Permits Branch – Permits Branch Chief. Nisha has prepared permit applications and negotiated permit conditions for PSD, non-attainment New Source Review, Title V, FESOP and minor source permits. Ms. Sizemore has prepared permit applications and environmental regulatory compliance strategies for various types of industries including steel mills, foundries, chemical manufacturing, surface coating, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing facilities. Ms. Sizemore has permitting experience with manufacturing facilities in several states, including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Kansas, West Virginia, and Georgia. She has also assisted clients in preparing reports and documents necessary to comply with air permits, such as annual compliance reports, air emissions reports, quarterly compliance monitoring reports, preventive maintenance plans, CAM plans, and MACT compliance reports. Ms. Sizemore has assisted companies in preparing responses to and negotiating air-related enforcement actions brought by regulatory agencies. Other experience includes preparation of EPCRA 312 (Tier 2) and 313 (TRI) reports.

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