S8000 Sensor

S8000 pH & ORP Systems

Digital Communication for More Process Visibility

  • Modbus and 4-20 mA output options now available
  • Configuration and calibration can be done using web-based software

Customizable, Configurable, and Versatile

  • Customizable packages reduce total cost of ownership
  • Only purchase the components you need
  • Adapt the solution to your application requirements
  • Available in 2 standard cable lengths: 10 and 20 feet

Reduce Maintenance and Downtime

  • No tools or rewiring needed for replacing sensor cartridge
  • Flat glass measurement surface reduces the threat of breakage
  • Heavy duty high temperature reference gels offer protection against thermal breakdown
  • PPS body allows for durability in a range of chemical environments
  • ERP technology protects the reference cell and prevents contamination
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