pH Transmitter

The pH Transmitter is our most cost-effective solution for connecting our S8000 series pH sensors to the Opticlear, PLC, or SCADA systems. This small electronic module functions as a blind pH transmitter with a 4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485 output. No additional instrumentation is required to condition the sensor signal to be read by your system. It can also be used to pair sensors with any controller that has a 4-20mA or RS485 input card.


  • Blind 4-20mA or MODBUS/RS485 transmitter for connecting pH sensors to Opticlear, PLC or SCADA
  • Small form factor saves valuable panel space
  • Input Voltage Options:
    • 12V DC – MODBUS only
    • 24V DC – 4-20mA & MODBUS
  • Compatible with S8100 submersion pH sensor or S8300 inline pH sensor
  • Compatible with PT1000 RTD temperature compensation
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