Organic Solution Management Expands Product Destruction to West Coast

Product Destruction

Organic Solution Management is the parent company of Environmental Management Solutions.

Organic Solution Management LLC (OSM) working with Colony Energy Partners in Fresno California will provide its product destruction and landfill diversion programs in California. OSM Product Disposal Services, provides for the collection, de-packaging, and disposal of damaged, out-of-date, expired or recalled products.  Our product destruction and landfill diversion capabilities coupled with our logistical support and renewable energy facilities allow you to work with one company to handle 100% of the transportation and management of your non-marketable consumer products.

Damaged and Discarded Goods

OSM provides product destruction and landfill diversion for items that need to be discarded due to a variety issues. We provide complete management for many different types of waste streams. OSM has the ability to process many organic products in one of its many anaerobic digesters located across the country.  Our organic management and landfill diversion program uses organic materials as feedstock in Anaerobic Digestion to produce renewable electricity or renewable natural gas.  Our management services also allow for the recovery of packaging for recycle and reuse.  Our goal is to minimize the need for landfill disposal.

Recall Management

OSM collects and manages unsafe, hazardous, or defective products, which have been recalled or discontinued.  We provide complete documented security to assure these products do not re-enter the market place. OSM can manifest, transport and manage all product destruction and product disposal in compliance with local, state, provincial and federal regulations.  We strive to minimize the use of landfills as a disposal option.

Shredding Services

Customers often generate hazardous and non-hazardous wastes that contain sensitive information, trade secrets, or packing and labeling which have their company name or trademark on them. OSM shredding technology guarantees our customers that their waste products will be completely defaced prior to disposal and that they cannot be pilfered, reused or resold once shredded.

Witness Destruction of Sensitive or Classified Material

OSM offers Witness Destruction Services for sensitive, classified or high profile products.  From secure shipment through final product disposal, OSM has the necessary controls and processes for secure and complete product destruction.  We offer witness slot availability for those customers who do not want their non-saleable items to remain in inventory for any period of time and require immediate processing upon receipt.  Our program offers video or photographic proof of products destroyed.  We also provide certificate of destruction and detailed confirmation of the lots destroyed.

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