Automate all your wastewater treatment sites with Opticlear

A Custom Integrated Wastewater Automation Solution

How It Works

Opticlear offers licensed wastewater operators, IOT equipment and HMI software to customize integration, controls, remote monitoring, and automation across all your sites.

Step 1

Design & Integrate

Our licensed wastewater specialists assess your sites, install IOT sensors where needed, and configure custom integration for raw data collection that can be used for HMI analytics, automation and manual controls.

Wastewater Treatment Sensors
Opticlear Panel

Step 2

Store & Control Data

Our systems are flexible to organize and store your data in our secure databases – or yours. Our engineers can setup Opticlear’s cutting-edge PLC equipment or fully integrate with your existing controllers to enable manual and automated controls.

PLC Equipment we support:

Step 3

Visualize & Monitor

Our HMI software aggregates your operational data in real-time across all sites to create visual analytics for desktop and mobile devices. View live video feeds, analyze historical data, and manually control real-time systems all in one centralized software platform.

We also integrate with B.I. and SCADA-HMI solutions to supplement your existing systems.

Opticlear HMI Software

Learn more about Opticlear’s HMI Software

Mobile Alerts & Notifications

Step 4

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified when and where systems are out of compliance in order to fix issues quickly. Every alert is documented and action logs can be kept all in one place. Opticlear also offers licensed technicians to monitor and maintain your systems so that issues are resolved in a timely and proper way.

Step 5

Manual Controls

Make manual adjustments to pH, TSS, water flow, etc. using our visual HMI, whether using our system or your own SCADA directly in Opticlear.

Opticlear Manual Controls
Automate all your wastewater treatment sites with Opticlear

Step 6

Full Automation

Set control limits and maintain compliance automatically. Our success with past clients enables us to guarantee compliance and the savings that we can achieve.

Process Overview Sheet

Download an Overview

Download a one-page overview of the steps above showing how Opticlear creates a fully integrated automation solution for your wastewater treatment needs.

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