Our Floccin products are a nonhazardous, one-step wastewater treatment product that replaces the traditionally used (and often hazardous) coagulants and flocculants. Each distinct Floccin agent blend provides a multitude of reactions for wastewater treatment that simultaneously coagulate, break emulsified oils in water, ion exchange to encapsulate contaminants, and flocculate to separate solids from the water stream.

Floccin is designed to remove, or greatly reduce:

  • BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • EC (Electrical Conductivity)
  • Emulsified Fats, Oils and Grease
  • Phosphates
  • Metals

Cost Benefits

  • Oil and Metal recovery potential, both of which are resalable commodities
  • Potential increase in system capacity through increased flow potential and decreased environmental discharge (keeping you at or below limits)

Cost Savings

  • Less chemicals/additives to buy
  • Fewer or no surcharges for over the limit environmental contaminants
  • Less onsite storage space needed
  • Typically no filter press pre-coat
  • No drum disposal costs
  • Decreased labor costs
  • No / Minimal hazardous waste disposal fee
  • Decrease in hauling and disposal fees
  • Potential decrease in water, sewer and environmental testing costs through onsite water reuse

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