The Aries Tek Dry Feeder is a fully automatic system that wets out dry polymer and allows for aging of the polymer. Auto make up function to ensure you always have aged polymer ready for use.

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General Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Hopper that holds about 75 pounds of dry polymer.
  • A PLC-controlled auger that meters the polymer out at a predetermined rate to make up the proper dilution, as determined by the customer.
  • Mixing educator for proper mixing.
  • Flush system to keep the funnel clean.
  • Flow switch to ensure water flow before feeding dry polymer.
  • A 300-gallon aging tank with PLC controlled mixer.
  • Auto Make up function: Float controlled to make up the next batch automatically.


  1. Auger drive 0.5 HP 230/460 VAC.
  2. Mixer drive 0.75 HP 230/460 VAC.
  3. 30 Amp disconnect and E-Stop.
  4. Water required 15 to 25 GPM at 40 psi.


  • System can be furnished with a PLC and touch screen for operation of the dry feeder and other processes.
  • With a VF to control a polymer feed pump. Controlled either from a switch on the panel or the touch screen.
  • For other options contact the factory.

Download Specification Sheet

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